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Background & Motivation

Strongest in resolving complex, interdisciplinary problems, developing & executing strategy, enhancing operational quality and performance; Possess a high level of ownership, exemplary attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

Motivated by working (1) with people who break through with their integrity and performance, (2) in organizations that have the potential to bring substantial change in their respective fields and facilitate "big picture" job challenges.


National Mobile Payment Plc (Hungary, Apr 2015 - Nov 2021)

Responsible for operation and development of the National Mobile Payment Platform, a critical government infrastructure connecting users, electronic public services and mobile payment operators
Responsible for strategic corporate issues (policy briefing, business planning, controlling, modeling, corporate valuation, efficiency enhancement, major contracts & stakeholders)

National Mobile Payment Plc (Hungary, Dec 2014 - Apr 2015)

National Mobile Payment Plc (Hungary, Aug 2014 - Dec 2014)

Central European Investment Services Consulting (Hungary, 2012-2014)

Financial project management coordination of external service providers (representation, administration, accounting, financial reporting, tax return, auditing) for foreign corporations, banking activities in Switzerland and other jurisdictions, drawing up and coordinating direct capital and loan transactions
Venture capital developing innovative start-ups for venture capital transactions (EUR 300k -1M) professionalizing business plans, teasers, presentations, reviewing IMs and syndicate contracts
Investment promotion consulting developing strategy, action and implementation plans for investment promotion agencies and local governments in CEE

Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency (Switzerland, 2009-2011)

Project management implementation support and after care for Swiss direct investors in Hungary, business development and export support in the Swiss market for Hungarian SMEs
Analysis monitoring activities of the Swiss Government, regulators, supranational organizations and corporate sector materially affecting the Hungarian economy
Representation building new relationships at business events on behalf of the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian Embassy in Switzerland

Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency (Hungary, 2007-2009)

Project management structuring, negotiating and managing state aid solutions, coordinating EU state aid procedures for multinational corporations‘ productive foreign direct investment projects
Lobbying for multinational corporations on the senior executive level (taxation, audit, environmental affairs, transportation permits, labor issues)
Representation abroad at trade fairs, conferences, business events

Ministry of Finance (Hungary, 2005-2007)

Policy analysis for budgetary and higher education reform policies
Budgeting verification of the budget of the Ministry of Education (CHF 1.5 bn), finalizing budget proposal for the Parliament, representing within workgroups and Parliamentary Committees
Controlling monitoring budget variances on expenses of the Ministry of Education, reporting key figures, maintaining and enhancing controlling instruments

Ministry of Finance (Hungary, 2003-2004)

Revenue analysis monthly reporting for VAT, consumption tax, registration tax and compensation for public transport companies (CHF 8 bn portfolio)
Budget planning for VAT, consumption tax, registration tax revenues and compensation expenditures for the annual budget cycles, representing within workgroups and Parliamentary Committees
Project management for the Hungarian Government’s VAT based own resources payments to the EU budget, mediation with Hungarian stakeholders and the EC (CHF 160 million)

Reference Project

Mercedes-Benz Exchange rate compensation

Daimler AG decided to invest EUR 770 million in Hungary to set up a Mercedes-Benz production facility for B and CLA class models by 2013. Due to the significance of this project to the Hungarian economy (approx. 1% of GDP at full production capacity) Mercedes-Benz obtained incentives including a direct cash grant and tax allowance from the Hungarian Government.

Mercedes-Benz incurred the vast majority of its investment costs eligible for state aid in EUR. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz was interested in receiving a given amount of state aid expressed in EUR terms as a percentage of the present value of the eligible costs incurred in EUR in accordance with the relevant EC regulation. However, considering the fact that (i) Hungarian legislation did not specify how such a EUR calculation must be performed, and that (ii) a HUF discount rate must be applied for the present value calculations, calculations of the state aid intensity happened in HUF.

The Hungarian Government agreed to compensate Mercedes-Benz for the adverse effects of exchange rate fluctuations. The compensation payment covers significant exchange rate fluctuations with regard to the state aid package, which is a unique solution up to date in Hungary and also with the European Commission.

My contribution: developed the compensation method, directly managed the cash grant procedure and coordinated state aid processes (tax allowance and EC notification) for the above project while working at the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency.

Details of the Compensation Method



Central European University (US accredited university, Hungary, 2005)

Received British American Tobacco scholarship (1 student per annum) and specialized in Fiscal Decentralization within this 1-year multidisciplinary program. Coursework covered applied Public Policy, Politics, Economics, Public Finances, Quantitative Methods. Thesis Providing Global Public Goods: A Comparative Analysis of GPGs in the Fields of Environment and Health published by VDM Verlag (Germany) in 2007.

University of Miskolc (Hungary, 2006)

Completed this 2-year part-time program with applied Economics and Business Administration focus parallel to the coursework at CEU (and later parallel to my work at the Ministry of Finance). Thesis Managing Higher Education: Theory and Applications in Higher Education Reform published by VDM Verlag (Germany) in 2008.

Avans University (Netherlands, 2003)

Dual degree program of Budapest Business School with one semester coursework in Netherlands (applied Business and Management), thesis and final exams, leading to a BA degree in Netherlands.

Budapest Business School, College of Foreign Trade Faculty (Hungary, 2003)

Coursework focused on applied Business, Foreign Languages and International Relations. Received scholarships for outstanding academic achievement - among others - from Philip Morris International, Republic of Hungary (top 1%), the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office (one student per institution, top 0,1%) and the City of Eger.


  • Business

    Operations Management
    Strategy Development
    Analysis and Numerics
    Efficiency Enhancement
    Business Development

  • Languages


    Full working proficiency in English and German, limited working ability in French, native Hungarian.

  • Technical

    Office Applications
    Data Prep & Analytics (SQL, Python)
    Website Development & Management